The Nurses association was established in Tanzania on 29th November 1971 which by then was known as Tanzania registered Nurses Association (TARENA). In 2005 the constitution was reviewed and our Association changed to Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA) and this was enabled the involvement of not just registered Nurses but also all Enrolled Nurses throughout the country.

Currently TANNA has a total of 8000 active member out of more than 50,000 all enrolled and Registered Nurses in Tanzania mainland. The Association currently has a total of 35 Regional Branches. All 35 Branches has not less than eight (8) as TANNA Branch leaders.


The Association is made up of 14 members of National Election Committee (NEC). These 14 members are the highest Board of Authority of the association. Moreover, the association is being governed by a Nurses’ National Council of leaders from 35 branches across the country and the day to day affairs are overseen by an elected National Executive Committee of 14 individuals. The Council is made up of three Representatives from each 35 Regional branches.

The Board Members-NEC including:

  1. President: Paul Magesa
  2. Vice President: Ibrahim Mgoo
  3. Executive Secretary: Sebastian Luziga
  4. Vice Executive secretary: Alexander Baluhya
  5. Publicity Secretary: Paciens Bachuba
  6. Vice Publicity Secretary: Johari Yusufu
  7. Treasurer: John Mgonja
  8. Vice Treasurer: Josephine Lwambuka

Other NEC members:

  1. SamwelMwangoka
  2. AlphoncinaKaduma
  3. Hosea Naman

The Staff who are secretariat are:

  1. Charles Soloka-Development Director
  2. JemaKajange- Administrative Officer



The mission of the association is to advocate for Nurses, promote excellence in nursing and influence health policy in the Country at large.


A vibrant, reputable association representing all professional nurses, advancing their welfare and promoting excellence in nursing healthcare.

VALUES: Trust-faith; Excellence; Accountability; Honesty; Unity; Transparency; Partnership; Collective ownership and Effectiveness.

As the voice of professional nursing, TANNA promotes high standards of nursing practice, research, education and ethical nursing conduct; and advocates for nursing, sound health and social policy, and nurses well-being. However TANNA has being frontline to empower nurses through training on HIV/AIDS issues especially on  including 90-90-90 An ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic by year 2030.


Governance:The organizational structure of TANNA