Type of membership include:

·         Full Member: Open to any nurse and midwife licensed in Tanzania by TNMC or any other statutory organ vested with powers to regurate the nursing profession  as provided for in the TANNA Constitution

·         Associate member:Open to nursing students of those schools of nursing approved by the TNMC

·         Affiliate Member: Open to any individual or organisation that is interested in the purposes of TANNA


1.       Join us:

(a)Registration online    Click here

(b) Members access portal Click here

2.       Members’ benefits: Below are just a few of the reasons you will want to join

·         Nurses are the largest group of healthcare providers in Tanzania; with active membership you gain the ability to plan and influence the future of nursing policies. Some examples of influenced policies include Task sharing policy, NIMART etc

·         Membership allows you to encourage, guide and mentor students and new graduate nurses, influencing and strengthening the next generation of professional nurses.

·         Belonging to the TANNA provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to network with nursing colleagues at all levels and in all specialties, scholarships.

·         TANNA membership provides you the ability to augment your skills and enrich your understanding of current nursing and health related topics, through easy access to a variety of continuing educational offerings. Visit TANNA head office for more information.

·         Being a member of TANNA, You will receive The Tanzania Nursing News and numerous other quality resources to help you stay informed about the many changes and challenges facing nurses and nursing today.

·         Access to network with fellow Nurses outside Tanzania for exchanging nursing practices, news and updates.


2. PERSONAL BENEFITS: As a nurse, and TANNA member, you are committed to providing superior care to your patients. It is your passion, and you invest all of your energy in your work. But who is taking care of you while you take care of others? Through TANNA’s Personal Benefits, we are here to help with three important programs that every nurse must consider. TANNA has carefully screened partners committed to providing TANNA member nurses with great value, and we make it easy to cover yourself in these critical areas, we are closely looking at the welfare of each members regarding unlawful action taken against them.

TANNA membership Regional branches:TANNA has 35 Regional branches all over Tanzanian mainland

3. TANNA Councils, committee and Task Forces 

Moreover TANNA has distributed branches all over the Tanzania Mainland. TANNA has 35 Branches. 

Registering critea

In order to accomplish registration non members need to pay Tshs 2,000 using the office mobile no. below +255685781028.