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We strive to influence and enhance nursing practices across mainland Tanzania.

TANNA actively supports professional nurses, fostering their welfare and advancing excellence in healthcare. Rooted in values like trust and accountability, TANNA provides advocacy, education, and resources to promote high standards of nursing practice, research, and ethical conduct.

Our Objectives

Strengthen & Promote

To strengthen & promote the professional development of nurses and advance economic and general welfare.

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Health Standards

Work for improvement of health standards and availability of quality nursing and midwifery care for all.

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Nursing Profession

Represent and promote the views of the association on local, National, Regional and International levels

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Promotion & Advocacy

Represent and promote the views of association on local, National, regional and international levels.

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Ethical Practices

Develop and promote maximum adoption of ethical practices for nurses in Tanzania.

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Nurses Rights

Advocate for nurses’ rights and enabling environment for nursing practice.

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Our Purpose

Main Functions

Promote standards of nursing practice, nursing research and nursing education in Tanzania

Promote adherence to code of ethical conduct for nurses.

Represent and speak for nursing profession in Tanzania.

Play an active role in developing and influencing, regulation and legislation for the purpose of improving the health of people.

Promote and protect the profession.


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