TANNA advocates for nurses, promotes excellence in nursing and influence health policy in the country by protecting nurses against all unlawful situation. Moreover, the Association is helping nurses to address nursing policy and regulatory barriers to quality HIV service delivery through national task sharing policy.

However, With the above explanation, TANNA is working together with trusted partners, including Ministry of Health, TAMISEMI, AIHA, THET and BMAF, TANNA is implementing several projects supported by funding external to our core budget and technical assistance from a variety of organizations and sectors. All the activities associated with the following objectives: 

  1. Advocate for nurses rights and enabling environment for nursing practice.
  2. Strengthen and promote the professional development of nurses and advance their economic and general welfare.
  3.  Work for improvement of health standards and availability of quality nursing care for all people
  4.  Stimulate interest and pride in the nursing profession and encourage the spirit of unity and service among nurses throughout Tanzania
  5. Represent and promote the views of the association on local, national,regional and international levels.
  6. Develop and promote maximum adoption of ethical practices for nurses in Tanzania. 

With the above objectives, TANNA is responsible to the members for the following Functions:

  1. Promote standards of nursing practice, nursing research and nursing education in Tanzania;
  2. Promote adherence to a code of ethical conduct for nurses;
  3. Represent and speak for nursing profession in Tanzania;
  4. Play an active role in developing and influencing policy, regulation and legislation for the purpose of improving the health of people;
  5. Promote and protect profession;
  6. Promote and protect economic and general welfare of nurses;
  7. Promote collaborative relationships with other groups in Tanzania that affect health care;
  8. Play active role in issues related to nurses’ employment conditions; and
  9. Provide strong leadership of TANNA.

Different activities have been undertaken by TANNA. To mention few including:

  1. Advocacy activities including NIMART guideline, TASK Sharing policy
  2. Advocacy on the project of Human Resources for Health (HRH) in collaboration with BMAF Tanzania
  3. Conducting Leaders’ Forum (LF), AGM and NND to all TANNA branch Leaders on scientific conference annually
  4. HIV and AIDS Testing Services campaigns with support of AIHA Tanzania
  5. Capacity building to TANNA leaders and the members on different online course undertaken currently with AKU-SONAM and Johnson& Johnson Corporate Citizen such as M& E course, Resource mobilization courses, Financial management course etc.
  6. Follow ups on emerged issues related to our Nurses who are the TANNA Members following the legality of nursing practices.

Moreover, TANNA has initiated the establishment of SACCOS to facilitate the well being of the nurse members and non members to rise their daily earnings and even financial strengths and conduct entrepreneurial activities within and outside professional. Namely:

Income Generating activities to the Members

In order to strengthen its members TANNA has expended its operation to financially offer financial services to the members by establishment of SACCOS in the name of Wauguzi SACCOS. 

More about Wauguzi SACCOS please click here